The Wheel Turns: Gratitude for a Good Run

Anne drawing

The wheel has turned, as all wheels tend to do. As my gradual retirement becomes more complete, I am closing the Partners in Place, LLC website. At the same time, access to the Wheels of Time and Place toolkit, now out of print, is moving here. You may download the instruction booklet and digital files of all circular journal templates at no cost. Please use them to support your continuous explorations of time and place.

As I look back into the origins of the Wheels of Time and Place toolkit, I experience a flood of recollections of the joys and sorrows of my naïve adventure into self-publishing. I am reminded of the support that held me up from many corners of my community. With gratitude, I share these photographs from the all-hands-on-deck toolkit stuffing party at Cricket Design Works in Madison, WI in 2008. It takes a village to do many things, including raising a first-time publisher! Many thanks to those pictured here (paid only in pizza) and to others not pictured as well (including and not limited to Dave, Betty, and A.B.). And, of course, to designer Cricket Redman herself!

Top row: Joan and Marian (left); Joan and Marian, and Jim (top); John, Cricket, and Sue

Middle row: Kathy (left); Nikki and Alex (middle); the “innards” ready to stuff

Bottom row: Robin and Rebecca (left); Ian (right)

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