The Notebook: connecting people and trees

As I follow my passion to connect people and trees, and other living things around their home places, it is a pleasure to find a kindred spirit. Richard Murray is one who combines the science of his profession with the wisdom of his heart to encourage us to get to know trees, and the landscapes where they live, with respect, curiosity, and commitment to our common future.

The Notebook
By Richard C. Murray

Collection of information
for reference and for study.
Bits of something unknown or unclear,
but important enough to gather.
The purpose is to connect,
the note is the link.
When added together
they make subjects familiar.
Listing parts, outlining processes,
is just a piece of the story.
The discussions, the connections
or understandings, as you wish,
it’s the relationships of the systems,
steady movement, never still,
that’s how nature works.
From a layering of interests,
crossing paths,
explore new questions,
seek out where the answers lie.

Printed with the kind permission of the author. From the Tree Biology Notebook. This holistic work on trees and tree ecology was designed for the general public as well as professionals and is written from the tree’s perspective

I hope that you will find Murray’s book to be a handy reference for your own observations and consider using the Wheels of Time and Place to support your exploration. Please consider joining me and Rebecca Power for a year-long study program Trees as Teachers: Connecting the Wisdom of Self and Nature.

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